The Zika virus disease is spreading currently mostly in the lower Americas and is likely to spread into the upper parts, according the World Health Organization, here is what is generally known, it is hitch-hiking by a certain type of mosquito, which may prompt an all-out war on all mosquitos. The war on all disease carrying mosquitos begins with basic mosquito control, chief among them is to eliminate their breeding places, mosquito nets, and predatory fish, just to name a few. It is worth noting that a small village in El Salvador, La Libertad, have found a novel way to put up the best offense I have seen against these mosquitos, by placing large oil drums filled with standing water in and around a house, that entice them to lay their larvae in them, waiting for the larvae are small Sambo fish, if one can pardon the actual name, are popularly called mosquito fish, who love to consume them, as an extra these fish are kept as pets. Not to be left out is the chemical DEET an insect repellent applied to the skin for short term protection. What has proven time and time again to be most effective in our chemical arsenal is DDT, which can get the job done pretty quick, however, to employ it would be like destroying the town in order to save it. Rachel Carton’s book, Silent Spring, published in 1962, to this day holds sway against its employment and the harm it can cause to the environment and wild life, my biggest fear that the urge to make a buck seem to always win when pitted against the environment since its effects may not be seen for years…


Today I watched my favorite daytime male financial anchors in business suits and ties and I assume an undershirt too. The female contributor was in a sleeveless dress. I once saw one of the male anchors wearing a sweater vest under a jacket, have never seen a female on air in a sweater of any kind. Is there a code of dress in the newsroom that is applied to one gender more rigorously then to another?

I am here and now calling for a new 2016 style female suffrage in broadcast newsrooms.

This spring (2016) a new crop of female would be journalist will be graduating from some the best graduate schools The United States has to offer, it has always been my hope that among this class will be at least one pioneer to shake-up the system by explicitly declaring to practice unimpaired serious journalism by not engaging in beauty pageantry. I wish to hear just one say, I will not streak dye my hair, wear long false eyelashes and greasy up my lips, and when age starts to show, gracefully appear on air as the new fountain of negligible senescence to be celebrated not hidden but explored…


Some females perceive an advantage appearing in blond hair…Who are they?

Movie stars


Presidential candidates

Barbie dolls

The elderly

Chief executive officers






Television (media) personalities

How did we get here? Explain…if you can?




Costco Wholesales, in their wisdom and to the benefit of their customers only offer up to five brand names of a product, more or less, meaning the customer is never overwhelmed with hundreds of products to choose from which will only add to confusion and wasted time. A lesson never learned by network news broadcasters by offering to display a news crawl while reporting the principal story voiced by the anchor. The viewer gives a little attention to the anchor, a little to the news crawl, walking away with just a little understanding of each, not enough to fully tell anyone what was just reported on the news. Think you can read a novella and watch a drama on television and enjoy them both? Think again and again…


Here it is once again the second month of the Gregorian calendar with thousands of women mobbing to celebrate their ethnicity before cameras, much like others engaging in some sort of cosmetic surgery to hide it, but only about two percent are fully proud to appear in an unaltered state while the vast majority employ chemicals or appear in straight haired wigs…I think of what is required of one’s appearance to qualify for a Playboy page, so much for extravagant self-esteem…

Are elephants afraid of mice? No, they are not, however, like almost every living other including humans, are easily startled. An uppity lady standing on a chair because a mouse has entered the room is more about surprise than fear, plus an abler of a good laugh. Which brings me to the aim of this post, on how the seemly small insignificant can bring the mighty to its knees. Who had the most powerful navy, well trained professional army, experienced leadership harden by many European wars, The British Empire in colonial America. And yet a rag tag bunch of farmers by day soldiers by night gave what for to one of the very best at the time. History was taught, well learned when the tables were turned on a later generation of Americans by the Viet Cong in Viet Nam, as they employed the same tactical engagements practiced by the colonial Minutemen pitch-perfect. And now a little cut and paste from WikiPediA: ‘Some groups, when involved in a “liberation” struggle, have been called “terrorists” by the Western governments or media. Later, these same persons, as leaders of the liberated nations, are called “statesmen” by similar organizations. Two examples of this phenomenon are the Nobel Peace Prize laureates Menachem Begin and Nelson Mandela WikiLeaks editor Julian Assange has been called a “terrorist” by Sarah Palin and Joe Biden’. One last thought, it’s all in the telling, meaning, our understanding of events, good or bad, depends on who gets to write it, who alive today will be the one to entertain for future generations these times in which we now live in…

All the present presidential candidates leading and otherwise are not considered an internationalist, having not spent a great deal of time growing up or living any extended amount of time outside the continental United States, so one can conclude that their international experiences and understanding will be somewhat limited. So who better to reassure American Muslim youth that their place in America is as American in every anticipatable way as is all other youths here and forever more as it has always been in the past… from this current American President, who speaks the international language spoken in church, synagogue, temple and mosque the world over, ending in a verse from the Koran about tolerance and inclusion…And furthermore, ’let your light shine’, on and on and on…



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