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By: Reince Priebus, Wednesday, March 18, 2015


…’As the Growth and Opportunity report made clear, it was important to build a real grassroots effort to engage minority communities long term, and we have done just that. Thanks to our efforts, in the midterm election cycle, Hispanic, Asian and African-American volunteers and staff made more than 1.6 million voter contacts to ethnically diverse voters in targeted governor, Senate, and House races’…

…’Across the board, we launched new efforts to attract new voters—from working more closely with our state parties to listening to young voters to applauding new College Republicans chapters at historically black colleges and universities, such as Morehouse College. The list goes on, but the most important fact is that this work and more will continue’.


The above statements taken at its words sounds like a noble effort except in the context of the current presidential (2016) campaign. It’s not often that the words of the chair of a political party turn around and bite him in the butt, oh wait they just did. I for one hope that the current party atmosphere is just a passing fancy and that after the convention the true Republican Party standards return to the fold and are held to an even higher standard than was stated in 2015…

In a 1967 movie a recent college grad student was told that there is success to be found in one word, ‘plastics’, that advise was and is correct, plastics are forever.

There is a new effort underway to ban single-use plastic bags given away at grocery stores. The loudest cry against the ban is that it will cost jobs. Jobs when life on the planet can be at stake. For the purpose of this simple post, the plastic under discussion here is not biodegradable, some are, it is suggested you research those that are and is not under attack here.

It has been estimated that in almost every current living cell minute traces of plastics can be found, in our food chain and in the human body, at what point will it become lethal, the tipping point, who knows, what is known, that if the manufacture of it were to end today, it will still be able to be detected in our bodies for thousands of years if not more. As for those lost jobs, which was found in plastics, the time can now be used in search of a substitute, going back in time before plastics came into wide use. One last thought if a proposal is put forward today with the never ending properties, the first steps in polymerization, of a material it would come with a ‘proceed with caution’ a warning sticker…It can bite you in the butt from inside out…


Two of my favorite television events are the Academy Awards and The White House Correspondence Dinner, today I had planned to DVR live CNN or MSNBC and write my post based on what I saw. After a sampling I canceled both recordings before they ended, I am now on the hunt for a clean re-broadcast of the event. Imagine watching a theatrical movie with the title of the movie continuously or description of the current event displayed on the screen, that was CNN, or a news crawl at the bottom of the screen, that was MSNBC. When are these broadcast giants going learn to let the events that they are broadcasting stand or fail on their own potential and or without any distractions?


If you live in the United States, there is no shortage of media expressing all sort of opinions from the far right to the far left and in between the known political spectrums, it’s up to you to figure if you are being psychologically manipulated, fed raw meat. In this post let us take a not too close look at two issues in the recent news.

Electoral fraud, the cure is voter identification cards with a recent picture of the voter. What is never mentioned is just how wide spread is voter misrepresentation, what are the numbers that would warrant laws to require voter ID’s in order to vote…I’m waiting?

Transgender Bathroom legislation, that would make it punishable by fine or jail time to enter a public restroom that did not correspond to one’s birth chromosomes. The number of reported cases are? I’m waiting?

Requiring voter ID cards is in my mind to discourage a segment of the population, and make it more difficult for them to vote.

Transgender males entering female only bathrooms as an issue is purely a vote getter, a rhetorical exaggerated fear to be set into the minds of fathers of daughters and husbands. ‘A vote for me will end this practice before it starts’… or continues?


A leopard in an effort to hide its spots is applying pounds of make-up along with new handlers in order to appear in a different incarnation, forgetting the hours of recorded video tape in circulation just waiting to be played back again and again at a moment’s notice displaying this leopard in its true spots warts and all…Proving once again a past image cannot be erased forever…If he, you know who, becomes his party’s presidential nominee, you can just bet that the archives will be flooded with requests of every dumb and offensive remark he ever spoke, few will be pleasant and courteous, many will be dubious, indecent, verging on impropriety, Tipper Gore, will have to start a new campaign to have ‘parental advisory’, stickers on history books mentioning the 2016 presidential campaign, that will only be available to those over twenty-one, or those seeking to experience a sudden feeling of excitement liken to the language frequently heard during a phone sex conversation…Oh the thrill of it all…


The most experienced politician after ascending to the office of the Presidency of the United States must spend the first year in office in on the job training, each day in office is a snap shot of events of that day with the stars aligned for that day only and never again in the same way will they be so aligned. Today a leading presidential candidate outlined a foreign policy in the opinion of this writer is a cookbook of recipes for a major violent occurrence or at the very least about twenty or so small ones occurring at the same time worldwide. The American Presidency must not be viewed in this twenty-first century (the 3rd millennium) as in American Interests but viewed through the lens of international interests, this an age of global interaction, this is not the 1820’s, the world is a much more complicated place then it ever was. Words that can travel around the world in a millisecond can produce actions before there is time to reconsider and withdrew them. And yet it seems that a person is under serious consideration who has demonstrated the ability to make outrageous claims of non-facts, engaging in name calling of the most respected world leaders that can only lead to American isolation and distrust and damage world markets and trade…This my friend is no way to run a country…


A person with a lot of cash laying around gathering dust decide to form a business syndicate to found and operate a prison, knowing that a lot of cities and states are sick and tired of operating jails and prisons due to high housing and administration costs. What if it can be done more cheaply by private enterprises. Bingo, a gold mine. What is a hotel without paying guests, what is a prison without inmates? First nip in the bud any laws on the rise to decriminalize drug laws. Once incarcerated, cancel any reformatory programs, the aim is to keep them in and returning often after released. Set up internal inmate work industries, like sewing, printing, metal fabrication, furniture wood working, any low paying unskilled job found in the outside world, that would keep inmates busy and provide income for the syndicate along with the city and state tax breaks, is would be all up profit and no down turn. All the finished goods and labor can then be sold for an extravagant profit. The crime would be in having custody of all those bodies and minds for all these years as kind of slave labor force to cement in their minds as societies underdogs in and out of prison further making sure that if they are ever released they will find it difficult if not imposable to find any well-paying employment insuring they will return to the safe and free life style of imprisonment, giving way and providing a comfortable existence for the syndicate all for just a few upfront investment dollars, what a world…


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